To create a sense of community among entertainment industry workers and cultivate their philanthropic spirit in support of sustaining a safety net of programs and services for the benefit of fellow industry members in times of need.


MPTF’s uniqueness lies in our long history of taking care of our own. Through generous donations and compassionate volunteers, MPTF is able to provide care and service to thousands of people each year.

We offer a variety of services to the entertainment community including:

  • Health Centers – With highly trained medical professionals in six health center locations across the Greater Los Angeles area, industry members receive care that’s tailored for people who work in entertainment
  • Wellness – A team of experts on our Wasserman Campus in Woodland Hills works with our medical, aging and social services programs to provide resources and tools for living well: mind, body and spirit
  • Aid & Services – There are moments when things don’t go as planned. Our team of therapists and counselors work to provide crisis support, confidential referrals, financial assistance and more.
  • Seniors Support – For those over 65, we’ve got you covered. If you’re looking for assistance living on your own or want to continue your education, we can help with diverse programs designed specifically for a rich senior life.
  • Residential Retirement – For generations, MPTF’s retirement community has been the cornerstone of our legacy to the industry, providing a unique, inviting, supportive place for retirement living.

To learn more about MPTF visit our website www.mptf.com

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